As we get more and more styles in the boutique, more and more clients have been taking the plunge toward higher quality yoga/barre wear. I felt it only appropriate to blog about it because well……my ankle is sprained and there is nothing else for me to do do accept write…so write I shall!

Let me take you back to my first pair of high quality yoga pants. You see, up until this point…I had been wearing a pair of $19.99 Spalding leggings to all of my workouts (and around town after). Don’t get me wrong, they are okay…but I had certain problems with them that I figured every pair of leggings or workout pants had.

  1. constantly falling down
  2. not very cute or fashionable
  3. practically disposable (as in after a few washes they looked faded or fuzzy)

I saw a pair of Alo Goddess leggings one day in a boutique and immediately thought 3 things..

  1. wow those are different, and CUTE!
  2. they must be for really thin people.
  3. omg they are expensive!

Turns out NONE of things ended up being true. We were out of town and I figured I didn’t know when I would be back so I decided to try on a pair of pants that I knew I wouldn’t be getting. I put the pants on and thought three things..

  1. I must have more
  2. I must have more
  3. I must have more

LOL!! Not only did they fit, but they seemed to form to my body like a glove. Also, the material is very compressive and after doing barre and yoga in them, I found that they didn’t fall down.  Another thing I came to realize, they will last FOREVER as long as you don’t put them in the dryer (hang dry). Now comes the cost….Remember how I said my other leggings were disposable? I went on Amazon and totaled up just how many pairs of those $19.99 pairs of leggings I had bought myself over the last six months or so. I came to the conclusion that I could have easily bought a pair, or even two or three, of the Alo leggings with the amount of money I was spending on the lesser quality pants.

I am now a FIRM believer that if you feel good in  your workout clothes, you workout harder. I noticed that when working out I felt GREAT in my clothes. I was’t fidgeting with my pants every five seconds. I felt confident in them. I loved the way they felt. In the end, I was more focused on the workout and less focused on how I looked.

I also want to add that making the investment in high quality workout clothes also gives you a reason to workout! After investing the money, I felt there was no excuse for missing barre. Last but not least, these clothes are extremely fashionable!!! I can leave barre or yoga and go run errands or go to the mall or out for lunch and feel like I am dressed for any occasion = more BANG for your buck!!

Now that I have convinced you that higher quality is worth it, lets talk brand, styles, and fit.

As far as the Beyond Barre Pensacola boutique goes, I stock things that I wear myself,  Items that I know are worth the money. We carry brands such as Alo, Beyond Yoga, Onzie, Anjali (anjali is organic and some styles are made from recycled materials), and more!

Alo Yoga

You will find these styles extremely versatile. You can definitely dress these pants up and go to lunch or wear them with a tank or tee and go to barre or yoga. The high compression makes these pants great for high intensity workouts as you will not find them falling down. The material is semi thicker than the other brands but I haven’t had any problems feeling too hot in them or anything like that. Material is soft too 🙂 Amy and Lindsay (pictured below) are wearing the Alo Airbruch Capri in Marble. You can find them in studio .


Alo’s Goddess legging is awesome as well! They are usually two-tone with a leg warmer type look. They are meant to be worn over the ankle. They are definitely a favorite of mine. We currently carry the black on grey and coral on grey.




Anjali is very lightweight. Their styles are either 100% organic or recycled from plastic. As Emma Watson will tell you, “Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants on the planet. Being able to repurpose this waste and incorporate it into my gown for the ‪#‎MetGala‬ proves the power that creativity, technology and fashion can have by working together.” Emma was talking about her gown of course, but it holds true for yoga pants as well. We are proud to carry Anjali!

13087913_592146474273995_1506589987682418919_nshero-mrbl-side-b_compact shero-mrbl-front_compactIMG_6826_compactlove-lives-here-tee-front_compact


Onzie is great if you sweat A LOT. The material drys faster than a swim suit and is incredibly light. Onzie really covers it all from a variety of prints, to mesh, to solids….Onzie has a wide variety. I choose the Tuxedo, SunRay, and CandyCloud capris because, well they are really cute lol. I like the mesh in the Tuxedo, the fun back in the SunRay, and the CandyCould is just beautiful. Onzie is going to sit mid to high on the waist, which I like.

IMG_0845__18348.1434694022.450.800 IMG_4431__34403.1447832789.450.800 13140634_1778466945756148_1517508000_n

Beyond Yoga

So SOFT! Anyone who has felt or owns a pair of Beyond Yoga pants will tell you they are realllllly soft, and they are. These pants are more on the comfort side (not as much compression) and it took me a while to warm up to them because I was so used to the compression of Alo Yoga, but now I LOVE THEM! I really like wearing them to yoga but lately I have found myself wearing them to barre as well. They make a really great solid color legging however they have some awesome styles with mesh and prints as well.


I am not saying that the right pair of yoga pants can change your life….All I am saying is that they encourage you to be more active, make you feel like your skin is wearing a soft blanket that was specially made for your body, and encourage a healthier lifestyle ; )



Check out the boutique at Beyond Barre Pensacola and try them for yourself!