Keeping it clean at the barre | Beyond Barre Pensacola


By: Jennie McKeon

When you’re trying to cram a workout into an already packed schedule, sometimes just making it to class is an accomplishment. But thanks to some pre-planning and advancements in beauty products, even the most brutal barre class doesn’t mean you have to fall behind on your daily plans. When you don’t have the time to shower (or the facilities), you can still feel refreshed after an hour of plies. Here are a few tips on keeping it clean from your head to your toes.

For the hair:

Before you get into first position, put on your headband to avoid a sweaty ‘do. And if you’re not already hoarding dry shampoo, get a can now. Batiste comes in all kinds of scents and even comes in different hair colors to avoid the white residue that occurs when you spray too close. As for styling, skip the hair tools and throw your hair up in a quick updo with a clip or bun maker.

For the body:

No matter if you try to keep cool, if you’re putting any effort into barre class, you’re going to sweat — everywhere. Some ladies may opt to wear a liner in their underwear to stay dry, or if you’re planning ahead, keep an extra pair in your workout bag. And keep in mind mesh activewear, which is not only fashionable, but functional for those extra sweaty days. After class, you’ll definitely want to freshen up with some deodorant. A spray version is more hygienic to share, we keep some in the studio bathroom,  (and you can spritz other body parts like your feet), but some swear by the crystal deodorants. You can always add your favorite perfumes or sprays as well. You will also find face wipes in the studio bathroom.

For the shower replacer:

Most boutique fitness studios don’t always have a locker room. If you need refreshment, you can always use baby wipes (also found in our studio bathroom) — always on hand for moms, or keep a pack of disposable cleansing cloths in your makeup bag for a quick fix. There’s also an easy and environmentally-friendly solution using Norwex microfiber cloths. Run one under the faucet and take a quick sponge bath before you go on with your day.

See you at the barre!