Here are 5 tips from Lindsay on fitting workouts into your schedule | Beyond Barre Pensacola

Who has ever felt like this muppet?! 🙋

Have you ever said, “I want to workout but I just can’t find the time.” 🙋No more! Here’s how to bust out of that cycle.

1. Commit to making yourself and your health a priority. Change happens incrementally so don’t try to wake up at 5 a.m. for 6 a.m. barre class if you normally hit snooze till 7! Ask a friend to come with you to an evening class instead of doing happy hour and then make it a habit.

2. Find something you really love. It might not be barre (we’re betting it will be!) but when you find a workout that you feel good about before, during, AND after, that you look forward to, finding the time won’t be a problem.

3. Grab a buddy and hold each other accountable. Healthy friends have healthy friends, grab your sister, cousin, Broad City-watching buddy and sign up for class together!

4. Use the MindBody app, sign up for classes in advance, and have it sync to your calendar. Putting something on your calendar as a commitment makes you more likely to do it than just thinking “I should go workout.” The app makes it really easy to put it in your schedule.

5. Try the new member special! $40 for 30 days of barre and tell yourself you’re going to try it for ONE MONTH, 4 weeks. It takes about 30 days to establish a new habit, commit to making yourself a priority for a few weeks and see how much better you’ll feel. We’re betting the time will find you.