About Our Classes | Beyond Barre Pensacola

For a limited time, new clients can get a one time half off private class for $30. Privates are normally $60 however we would like to extend this one time offer to clients who may want to meet us and try the workout one on one before taking a class in a group setting.


The 55 minute long session consists of

  • Warm-Up
  • Free weights for upper body sculpting
  • Ballet barre leg work to build strong, lean legs
  • A stomach flattening abdominal series
  • Ice skating inspired BeyondBarre GlideBoard cardio

Classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels. No dance experience is necessary and beginners are welcome. This class will improve student’s body composition, balance, posture, stability, agility, and flexibility. Benefits include: weight loss, reduced stress, strong/lean muscles, and improved self confidence.



A unique style of Vinyasa Yoga that seamlessly synchronizes breath and movement-one breath. Classes will never be exactly the same, but we follow a specific arc form in every class so classes are challenging yet accessible to all.  Our studio allows beginners to start their practice in a judgement free, welcoming space. Experienced students will deepen their practice and leave feeling challenged.


Adult Beginner Ballet

Classes held most Wednesdays (check the schedule) at 5:30pm. Class focuses on technique and builds to spins and other across the floor work. You do not have to have any ballet experience to take this class. This class is perfect for barre students who would like to improve their form or build upon what we do in barre class . Also Ideal for the the student looking to learn ballet either because they always had an interest in it, or because it looks like fun! Greta is such a great instructor and always builds people up in her class through her bubbly personality and encouragement.