About Our Classes | Beyond Barre Pensacola

For a limited time, new clients can get a one time half off private class for $30. Privates are normally $60 however we would like to extend this one time offer to clients who may want to meet us and try the workout one on one before taking a class in a group setting.

Beyond Barre Pensacola’s mission is to help clients and the community stay nourished, present, and active. Nourished through our nutrition seminars, workshops, and challenges. Present through yoga and meditation. Active through our one of a kind ballet inspired workouts and other fitness classes.

A note to beginners: You do not have to be flexible, coordinated, or have any dance experience to take our classes. Feel free to jump in to any class at any time. While you will see periodic “Barre for Beginners” or “Intro to Barre” classes on the schedule, it is not necessary to take one. You are free to jump into any of the classes as we teach in a style that offers modifications to fit any fitness level. Don’t worry and don’t be nervous! We are a goofy, judgement free, community and will make you feel right home. What are you waiting for? See you at the barre!

The Glideboard

For an intense cardio workout, step onto the BeyondBarre GlideBoard for fun skating intervals. The BeyondBarre GlideBoard is an optional piece of BeyondBarre equipment. Some clients come to class and opt to do the glideboard series on the mat, while others step onto to the board. Both methods will deliver a great workout. The GlideBoard builds the lateral side-to-side muscles. By building these lateral muscles, balance and agility are enhanced. Our program is designed to strengthen the muscles by working to fatigue then stretch to lengthen and sculpt. By adding the BeyondBarre GlideBoard skating cardio, along with balls, bands and dancy music mixes, you get fit while having fun.


The 55 minute long session consists of

  • Warm-Up
  • Free weights for upper body sculpting
  • Ballet barre leg work to build strong, lean legs
  • A stomach flattening abdominal series
  • Ice skating inspired BeyondBarre GlideBoard cardio