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February Challenge Status

Attend 10 classes this month and be entered to win a BeyondBarre water bottle! Keep the momentum going!

Natasha 2 of 10
Amy 2 of 10
Allison 1 of 10
Alpna 2 of 10
April 2 of 10
Jessica N. 1 of 10
Morgan 1 of 10
Karen 1 of 10
Stephanie 1 of 10
Farrah 1 of 10
Don’t forget–next Wednesday the 17th is Disney Night again at the Pensacola Athletic Center @6:30pm. Enjoy a Disney playlist and sport your Disney, if you have it : )
There are lots of chances to get in your 10 classes before the end of the month so make your way to the barre and sculpt, strengthen, and stretch!
Side note– the Cordova Mall workout on the calendar is at 2:30pm on the 13th.

How to Order Pizza!

Let’s pretend that making your own pizza isn’t an option and that you simply have no other choice. I definitely do not recommend to anyone to order pizza from any of the delivery pizza companies for various reasons, but that is not what this article is about.

Let’s pretend that maybe your husband, wife, or significant other, simply says, “I want to order pizza”. Perhaps you are the one who wants to indulge and order pizza. Maybe the kids are begging for a special pizza night and you do not have the ingredients to make a healthy, organic, version. Maybe you are out of groceries or it was been a long night and you just need someone else to take care of it all.

Whatever the case may be, lets assume that you have made the decision to order pizza. I am going to tell you how to do it without ruining your whole week, feeling like you need to be rolled to bed, or hating yourself for days.

  1. You do not have to order the unhealthiest things on the menu. This means staying away from the “cookie pizza” and the “triple pepperoni with extra cheese” pizza. Instead, opt for LIGHT or NO cheese, and load that pizza up with veggies. This also means staying away from the breadsticks!
  1. You do not have to order all those 2 liters of soda—enough said. Drink a glass of lemon water with dinner.
  1. What about the crust? You don’t need stuffed crust, cheddar crust, or double doughnut cream crust with your pizza. I promise you, the pizza will still taste good and be a treat without it. Instead, keep the crust original or, even better, opt for THIN crust.
  1. How much are you ordering? Are you ordering for a family of 1,2,4? Or are you ordering enough pizza to feed a football team and have some left over? It is easy to be sucked into their “deals” and end up with 2-4 large pizzas, breadsticks, and some kind of desert. You see–there is an ingredient in these pizzas called MSG that will actually tell you that you want more pizza even after you are full. If you have infinite pizza available to you, you will likely go to bed having eaten 4 or more slices when you were full at 2. Instead, order exactly the amount that you need for that night. Don’t bother with the “but we can save some for tomorrow” because you don’t need to eat delivery pizza two days in a row anyway. For example, if it is just you, order a personal pizza and be done with it. If it is just you and one other person, order a medium and be done with it.

To sum it up.

  • Go for light or no cheese and heavy veggies.
  • Opt for original or thin crust.
  • Don’t order any sides or sodas.

Most importantly – Order the exact amount you need for one dinner.

Follow these guidelines and you will enjoy your pizza and not feel yucky about it afterward. Plus you will save money!


Blog post from a sleep deprived Mom..oh and class is canceled for tonight..

Class canceled for tonight’s 7pm, PAC, class.

Oh the dreaded, “she needs to stay over night” that no parent wants to hear from an ER doctor. There is only one thing worse than YOU being sick, and that is your kids being sick. My child has been in the hospital for a couple of days now with a nasty virus and infection. I think a complex may be developing against people who wear masks. Everyone who comes in the room with a mask ends up probing at the poor kid. Add in poor sleeping arrangements, bad food, and being woken up at all hours of the day and night by nurses, and BOOM you have just about anyone’s experience being in a hospital.

It is easy to get frustrated and blame the nurse or the doctor. After all, we feel like prisoners here and we can’t/aren’t allowed to get anything for ourselves. Plus we are sick, or recovering from surgery, or whatever the case may be. But as bad as things may seem, never forget what those nurses are going through. If they are taking a little while to get to you, I can almost promise that it is not because they are sitting behind the counter eating snickers. It has been awful watching my child suffer but I know that it will get better, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. These nurses on this floor take care of suffering kids every day of the year. Can you imagine what that must do to a person? Mad respect for nurses everywhere.


As sleep deprived and worried as I am for my child, my mind is on the poor baby down the hall who is in the hospital for the same illness as my child, but has no one there with him to comfort him. The nurses are staying in there with him as much and as long as they can, but there are other patients to be seen. There is also the baby down the hall who is recovering from surgery. I know it may seem cliché’ to say, “there is almost always someone who is worse off” but there it is.

So as I write this from the hospital room and as I look over at my sleeping child who is downright miserable, I thank God for all of the many blessings in my life. Thankful that we are not here for something incurable. Thankful that there are nurses like Joyce and paramedics like Freddie. Thankful that we will recover. Thankful that we have a home and a car and food to eat. Thankful that we have people who love us. Thankful for the coffee Farrah brought me today ; ) Thankful that my child is a little bit better today than yesterday.

What are you thankful for today? Post it on Facebook or Twitter or whichever..#thankful


InWeekly 2016 Rising Stars!

Thank you InWeekly for choosing me as one of your 2016 Rising Stars! I am so honored by this and excited to see what 2016 brings!

You can read the publication by going to InWeekly Rising Stars or you can pick up a copy tomorrow when it hits the news stands. Congratulations to all of my fellow 2016 Rising Stars!


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.12.43 PM

Eat Pure. Train Strong. Vibe Thanks.

I find that I am going in a million different directions these days. I remember reading a quote not too long ago about living in a million different directions at once but when I searched for it, I couldn’t find it. If you can find the quote, please send it to me.

With everything I have going on, people ask me how I avoid just breaking down in tears from all the crazy LOL. I get it all the time. How do you do it all?  The answer is, I don’t–not alone anyway. I have family and really good friends that are supporting me and wishing me to succeed. When I need a babysitter, they are there (mom, Raven). When I need someone to vent to…someone to repeat myself over and over to, they are there (Raven, Farrah ; ).  When I need someone to believe in me, they are there (My clients).

Beyond Barre helps more than I can say. I literally turn the music on blast and hit the barre for 55 minutes and I am sane. It is so much more than a workout, it is a lifestyle. Train Strong.

Beyond that, I have found that there are little things that help me to exhale and find my center. Yoga is another one. I have found doing even a few poses when I can– helps. I have started incorporating more poses into my Beyond Barre classes and I think it is adding a nice element to the workout.

Coffee, homemade protein shakes, and laughing helps too ; ) Also, I know for a fact I would not be able to handle my schedule if I was eating junk everyday. It makes such a huge difference. Eat Pure.

Sometimes, if I start to get overwhelmed, discouraged, doubtful, or if things are just not going as planned that day. I quickly try to snap myself out of it because no matter what is going on, I am blessed! I have so much to be thankful for every. single. day. Try to find things to be happy about. Vibe Thanks.

Life is so crazy and everyday presents you with an opportunity. An opportunity to do something you will never forget. To make a difference. To help someone. To make a change. To take a risk. To love. To appreciate. To experience. To dream.

To dream.

I think that people, including myself, get so wrapped up in possible failure….in past self punishing ourselves for the things we have done that we are not proud of…that we forget to live and we forget to love ourselves.

Eat Pure. Train Strong. Vibe Thanks.


Barre 101 + Disney Day

I am excited to be hosting Barre 101 on January 30th @ 11am. The event will be at Perdido Perfect Fit off Sorrento road near the Winn Dixie.

Here is a link to the Facebook event invite Barre 101 Event Invite

Join us and find out what Beyond Barre Pensacola is all about. Come demo the glideboards, meet the instructor, talk to some Beyond Barre regulars, and learn the proper form for the foundation exercises of Beyond Barre. This is a great opportunity for new clients to see what the workout is all about and for existing clients to improve their form in class. Feel free to invite your friends!

You will also see the event in the MindBody Connection app and can schedule there as well.

The MindBody Connection app is now set up to accept payment for the West Side Classes. West side classes include the Pensacola Athletic Center and Perdido Perfect Fit locations. The location will be in the title of the class (in the app) and the address will be in the class description field. 5 class passes will be good for both locations. For example, if you purchase a 5 class pass under “west side classes” and you attend a class at the Pensacola Athletic Center and a class at Perdido Perfect Fit in the same week, your app will reflect that you have 3 classes remaining. It is important to be sure to “check in” to class from the app. I can check you in from my end as well.

I also want to be sure you all know that this Wednesday at 7pm, Pensacola Athletic Center, is DISNEY DAY at the barre! You can expect a Disney playlist and be sure to sport your Disney wear. This will be a fun class! Be sure to schedule the class in the MindBody app.

If you have any questions about the above announcements, call me at (850) 972-8117.


Yours in fitness,







Class Schedule and Pricing _ Now on MindBody Connection App

I am happy to tell you that you can now view the Beyond Barre schedule and book classes right from your phone or computer using the MindBody Connection app. Be sure to pay attention to class locations. The name of the location will be listed in the class title and the address of the location will be listed in the description.

Click here to get the MindBody App

You do not have to be a member to take my class at any of the locations. There are no contracts involved either. I do teach a class at Ever’man Natural Foods in their education center that is free to members of the Co-Op, however I think the fee for non-members is only $5 (call the store to verify).

Pay Per Class Rate 

Pensacola Athletic Center – $10

Perdido Perfect Fit- $10

Pure Pilates Downtown- $12 ($10.80 for students, teachers, military, and students)

YMCA Downtown- $12 (includes admission to the Y for the whole day)

Ever’man Education Center- Free to members (possible $5 for non members)


I do sell 5 Class Loyalty Cards for $45 ($9 per class) and these cards are good for the Pensacola Athletic Center and Perdido Perfect Fit locations. You can pay for these classes in the app by clicking on “pricing” and then “west side classes”. You can use them whenever you like (they are good for 30 days).  In the next few days, there will be an option to purchase the 5 class cards from the MindBody app. You will also be able to purchase classes individually from the App for the Perdido Perfect Fit and Pensacola Athletic Center locations. For the YMCA, Ever’man, and Pure Pilates, you will need to pay in person when you get onsite (for now).

I hope this cleared up any confusion regarding class times/pricing.  I am very excited to be utilizing MindBody and I think you will like it as well! You will be able to link your scheduled classes to your calendar from the app. Also, it will help me keep track of your attendance for the challenges that I run (for example, 10 class challenge for January).

See you at the barre!






You pretty much have GOT to try the GLIDEBOARD!

Cardio BarreSkate

It’s not often that you can get fit while having fun at the same time. But that’s exactly what happens when you use the BeyondBarre GlideBoard.

The GlideBoard has a slippery plastic surface that allows you to slide back and forth from one end of the board to the other using movements much like those of an ice skater. There’s no need for skates, though, because you do all your sliding on soft ballet slippers.

I have to admit, I feel like a kid again each time I push off one end of the GlideBoard and smoothly glide to the other side. It’s almost like floating.

All that said, some very healthy things can happen while you having fun “skating.”

Improved cardiovascular health. As you start gliding side-to-side, you’ll immediately feel your heart-rate and respiration-rate begin to rise. That can help lower blood-pressure, glucose levels, bad LDL cholesterol, and artery-clogging triglycerides. At the same time, you get a boost in the production of good HDL cholesterol.

A stronger body top to bottom. A workout on the GlideBoard gets many parts of your body moving. All the core muscles are put in play as you glide from one side to another. The legs, glutes, ankles, and feet work hard, too, as you push and glide from one side to the other. Arm movements, especially if you add weights, strengthen and sculpt the arms. Also, the GlideBoard is especially good at targeting the lateral side-to-side muscles. These muscles are often neglected in fitness routines because most cardio workouts – for example, walking, running, rowing, and skiing – involve forward movement.

Increased calorie burn. The GlideBoard skating action burns calories fast, which, when paired with a healthy diet makes it is easier to lose weight.

Improved balance. The side-to-side gliding that’s done on a GlideBoard improves proprioception. Yep, you heard that right… proprioception. That’s the sense that tells you where and how your body is positioned in space. Good proprioception is necessary for proper balance. Improved proprioception allows you to have better control over your body, which will help you move more efficiently and reduce the risk of falls.

Faster reflexes. The GlideBoard is also great for improving reaction time, particularly when you repeatedly start out slowly and then quicken the pace before slowing down. By varying gliding speed, your body must react to the constantly changing stimuli. That constant change boosts reaction time. If you really want to ramp up reaction time, add in a small ball and pass it back and fourth between your hands and around your body as you “skate”. Or, go one step further and bounce the ball off the floor or a wall and catch it as you move.

Have fun while you get fit

One exercise product: Three huge benefits

Stronger muscles, thinner body, healthier heart


Join us at our next scheduled class!

It is 2016 and You Are Perfect

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to 2015. It was an equally challenging and rewarding year and I am thankful for all of the ways I grew as a person. I remember when I taught that first barre class at the Pensacola Athletic Center—I was very nervous. I would have been excited if just one person had showed up, much less 6! I had put so much pressure on myself and I wanted everyone to love it. Those poor women probably thought I was a nutcase as I scrambled to get my music working right and find my way through the flow of the class. Fast forward to 2016 and I am teaching at 5 different locations. I feel very blessed and happy to be here, and everywhere lol.

The beginning of a New Year seems to spark something in people to feel like they have to start changing things about themselves so that they can be happy. Resolutions will flood your news feed. Get fit, save money, stop over reacting, be more forgiving, take up sword fighting, stop eating gluten…or if you are like me, kick your Target shopping habit. I am sure you know what I mean. People get so focused on all of the things that they want to change about themselves that they forget to love. Love yourself, as you are today. You are perfect.

I know that sounds strange coming from a fitness instructor. Don’t get me wrong, it is fine to have goals (I have several). But what we need to get away from is letting our perceived imperfections control the way we feel about ourselves. I hate to sound cliché, but love yourself first. Love yourself today. Don’t wait until you lose weight or get that promotion to start loving yourself.

You are perfect today.

Now that you have decided that you love yourself today, right now, before changing anything, you are ready to decide what your goals will be. Goals that will make you feel good–goals that are not for anyone else’s benefit. Write your goals down and take steps to help you get there–and write those steps down too. If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up….acknowledge the lesson (if there is one), and move on.

As I raise my class of green smoothie…Cheers to you, my friend. May you have a wonderful year full of peace, love, and happiness.

I leave you with my favorite green smoothie recipe. FYI I will never give you a recipe for anything that doesn’t taste good or for anything that I haven’t tried myself.

  • One frozen banana
  • 1-2 cups of kale
  • 1 1/2 cups of cut up pineapple
  • Almond milk — until it covers all of the ingredients